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New Year Changes

Hello All you lovelies!!

As the 2016 year comes to a close I am doing some evaluating of the year, as I am sure we all must do. I am sitting here wondering how I can be the best I can be for my family, but also my clients and business. This year I have really struggled with my work/home balance. So.........this next year I am really gonna try hard to to find that balance.

I will be doing a few things differently this next coming year, and I really think it will be for the better. Better for my family and better for all of you. 


I have read many blog post these past few months (most of them are fellow photographers) about making changes. One had put their availability so people could mark their calendars, and I loved that so much I had to borrow that. I would totally give credit to that person, but I seriously can't remember which one it was from. Too many late nights. LOL. Okay, so here is goes;


Change one.........

I will be doing less sessions this coming year. This will give all of you clients, that book this next year, more of my attention to detail. I am hoping to give you a session you have always dreamed about having with me. A little more time to make things just so perfect for you. 


Change two........

I will no longer be doing sessions in December, except for Newborn sessions (and those will be limited). I will just be doing the Toy and Turkey drive in the month of December.


Change three.......

I will only be doing holiday mini sessions in the month of November, along with a couple newborn or 1st year cake smash sessions.


Change four.....

When booking a session, retainer fee is now due 2 days after booking session or invoice has been sent. If not paid, the session will be taken off my schedule. Thank you for your understanding on this one!


These changes are not too horrible, and I am really hoping it will help. Help to give you all the best service and experience I can give.


I have my schedule all done for this next year. Yes, I am a planner (or at least I try to be ;)). If you would like to mark your calendars as well, with some special events or special mini sessions I will be having, here is my schedule.........

January ~ Full

February ~ Full

March ~ Full

April ~ Full ( I have 2 spots left for the powder special)

May ~ Full 

June ~ Full

July ~ Full (only thing now available is the special mini session I will be having this month)

August ~ 4 available session spots left

September ~ 2 available session spots left

October ~ 4 available session spots left

November ~ Full available session spots left for either newborn or 1st year cake smash. Nov. 4th & 5th will be the NEW themed holiday minis. Nov. 12th will be the Snow Minis. Nov. 18th & 19th will be the Tree Truck Minis.

December ~ Full. Dec. 3rd will be the Toy Drive. Dec. 10th will be the Turkey Drive.


I want to thank you all for your support!!


Here is to being the best I can be for my family and for you........ CHEERS!!!