Melanie Steiner Photography, LLC

Welcome to my website!

Please excuse the mess right now as this website is under construction. I am in the middle of switching website host and it's a bigger process than I thought. ;)


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This is where I should be telling you lots about me and how all this began. lol


It all began a long, long time ago, and..... lol. just kidding ;)

The image above is one of my boys. They are my world. Anyone that knows me will attest to that.  :)

Ever since I was a little girl and new what a camera did, I knew that it was a special instrument. To be able to freeze that moment in time with an image, is truly an amazing thing. I knew I wanted to be a part of that when I got older.

I LOVE helping couples/families, by capturing them in the many special stages of life. Life is such a gift and to be able to capture these stages, is truly a treasure for many generations to come.